Sept 9   What is photography? Finding a mentor. Drawing from experience.

Introduction to the facilities, course outline, materials, text.

Read chapters  1-5


Sept 16 Photo language. The camera and the light meter. Health and safety orientation to the lab

Read Chapters 6-7


Sept 23 The negative -.

Read Chapter 8


Sept 30 The print: Contact printing, photograms,  enlarging, processing.

Read Chapter 11


Oct  7 Controlling the print, burning and dodging, tricks, lab day.


Oct 13 Thanksgiving


Oct 14  Technical review, depth of field, shutter speeds, cropping, point of view.

Read Chapter 9


Oct 20  Toning, mounting, individual mid-term reviews


Oct 27 Exam. Lab Day


Nov  4 Lab day.


Nov 11  Remembrance Day


Nov 18  Presentations of mentor's work, Lab day.


Nov 25 Lab day


Dec 2  Final presentations


Dec 9  Final presentations