Photo Analysis




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Elevator - Miami Beach

From The Americans, © Robert Frank






HENRI CARTIER - BRESSON, (Behind the Gare Saint Lazare), 1932



Man Ray, Kiss, 1932


Did he place an object on photopaper and just let the light go through to where the object was not to make a negative image of the object on the paper?  Emily Close


I agree with Emily and I also think that the image was manipulated in the darkroom by placing an object on the paper and playing with light. I like how the photograph leaves room for interpretation. Monika Urbaniak


Anyway I have no idea how the photo of what looks like a flower by the surrealist guy was created.  Catlin Barrie


I donno, but its really gorgeous! I love how fluid it is. It is very pretty. If thatÕs the negative, though, I think I would prefer that to the actual print. But who knows? It is almost ghost-like surrounded with so much darkness. Nadejda Neklioudova


First was the May Ray photo a reverse negative print or just a negative print?  Is there a difference? Kayla MacKay




How does she (Anne Cutler) do this (above)??


I know about how she uses an infrared image when photographing images like these, but I was more curious about the convex-mirror-like image? It doesnt seam to be something she uses often. would it be difficult to do? Tania Ernst





I found this photogram on the Victoria and Albert Museum website  while researching my photo mentor.  It is by British artist Susan Derges and it is called "Chladini figure", 1985.  I thought others in the class might find it interesting.  There are several other examples of her work using this technique, as well as a decent database of photographers which might prove useful to others in their research.


Haley Bennett